See comments for the pics. The car pulls out and the r.v. unfolds to a fabulous on the go home. Tv, bathroom, dressing area, kitchen, curtains. This is beautiful. In excellent condition with except of the front of car. There is color fading and the stickers aren't complete.
Doors open to kitchen and dining. Fold out bed and table. Comes with a few refrigerator items like eggs and food. Rolls on two back wheels. In excellent condition. See comments for more pics
Cabbage patch doll with bed, pillows, comforter, hair styling chair (pumps up and slides down with pedals), bath tub, vanity with bottles, and unicorn bag with zip open compartment for travel. All items are in excellent condition.
Last picture shows the original finish. Some of the legs have been glued. Iris 13 inches high and 20 1/2 inches wide. It is heavy.
Check pics for specs Has some rust but that can be removed with a little elbow grease and Barekeepers Friend cleaning spray Over half off retail prices
Needs a new battery Replacement battery and stickers prices are shown in pics At this price with buying a new battery you save over $150 compared to retail prices Check comments for online battery and sticker replacement prices!!